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Add-ons that will bring your bathroom to life

As human beings, we aren’t always satisfied with what we have however comfortable we may be. But sometimes, we really aren’t content and with a reason. Let’s take bathrooms for instance, some of us dream of a splendid stay in the bathroom once in awhile but cannot maybe due to the cramped up space, unnecessary clutter and lacking essentials. Or sometimes you find your bathroom just simply boring with stuff you see every day. In such a case, remodeling ideas are bound to pop up in your head. Or instead, you simply wish to renovate your bathroom to suit you and others staying there too.


Vital aspects to consider when renovating or remodeling your bathroom

Towel ladder
A towel ladder is as basic as it sounds. It entails a ladder on which you hang your towels on succeeding planks. It is a nice way to prevent mixing up of towels and also independent drying of towels.

Stone bath mat

A stone mat is simply made by adjoining several small stones on a mat. With some simple guidance, the stone can be made with garden stones. Now who wouldn’t the thrill of small stones massaging your feet after a hot bath?

Trimmed shower curtains

The most common nuisance brought about by curtains is getting dusty and moisture. Well trimming your curtains up to a height just below the tub will solve both these problems. The curtain will also look tidy and tailored.

Rolling hand towel

Forget the fact that your bathroom will slightly resemble a public place just because of this aspect; remember that it can really help with neatness and simplicity. Even better a rolling hand towel can be made at the comfort of your home with a half-inch wooden dowel, screw porcelain, drawer knobs and a long towel. Try it and you’ll definitely notice the difference it brings to your bathroom.

A hanging mirror

Bothered by the position of your mirror and just because it is fixated and fragile you can’t move it? Well add a hanging mirror; simply looping a ribbon firmly at the edge of a mirror (preferably oval), you can enjoy the benefits of a hanging mirror.

With this in mind remodeling and renovating your bathroom will get a bit more enjoyable.

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