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Bathroom scales- not as simple as they were before!

As bathrooms evolve and get even more design innovations, we see newer and newer products and elements in them everyday. However, the one thing that’s been constantly there in bathrooms are bathrooms scales. Designed to let you measure your weight, now they come with features that not only let you check your weight with utmost precision, but also your body fat and water percentage. If that wasn’t enough, you can now also buy scales which would send the results to your smartphone. What else has been the best innovations which bathroom scales have seen? Read on to know just that!

Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Scales

If you need that little extra motivation to shed those little (or not so little) inches off your waist, then a these range of smart scales from Fitbit may just be what you need. The smart Wi-Fi scales monitor your weight along with the body fat percentage as well as your BMI to give you details of your progress via the Fitbit app or the website. This data can be further used to help you focus on your long term goals as well.

Hybrid Scales

Making a choice between the classic analogue and the modern digital scales can be a little hard- what to give up and what too keep, isn’t it? Well, get a hybrid and you won’t have to make that choice. Fashioned from sleep glass, these Driver’s Scales come with a modern cockpit style with dual display, combined with a dial along with blue backlight. For those who want to check their weight exactly at the same time every day, there is even an alarm which can be set to go off every 24 hours.

Solar powered scales

Get rid of batteries by getting yourself a solar powered scale! This eco-friendly scale comes with a simple LCD display of four-digit and clear lines, along with extra wide base for those who are a little big than the usual.

Balance Smartphone Scales

Monitor your weight and fix up your BMI and weight targets with this smartphone scale, where the data is regularly sent to your tablet or smartphone. With an option to create multiple profiles, everyone in the household can use them to stay fit and healthy!


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