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Design tips for bathroom sink and cabinets

Certain things are a must consider for every contemporary home and though we may not worry much about bathroom design while creating or remodeling a home, it is really important to get it right. A sink and an underneath cabinet are considered to be an essential part of a bathroom and that is where one can make custom choice.

Floating Design

Floating sink and cabinets are the most popular in current times on account of the advantages they offer. The floating vanities possess all the useful qualities of bath cabinets and boost a modern appearance which frees up plenty of floor and wall space in the bathroom. Wall mounted floating vanities offer modern aesthetic values with function and decoration. Beautiful bathroom sink and cabinets suitable for mounting on walls create a feel of class and sophistication in the bathroom like any piece of fine art.

Small and Sassy

Space limited bathrooms and powder rooms can be decorated with sassy sinks and freestanding vanity. You can choose undercount sink and add smart tile accent on the walls to make the bathroom appear larger. These wall mounted sink and cabinets suit any modern bathroom in home or apartment.


You can create a symmetrical arrangement of cabinetry, sinks and mirrors that looks elegant, formal and graceful without getting fussy. Exposed legs in this cabinetry offer the appearance like freestanding furniture. You can have a central storage unit between multiple sinks with an arrangement of drawers and cabinets to hold hair dryers, hand towels, toiletries and other necessities.

Arts and Crafts

Sinks and cabinets inspired by traditional arts and crafts add a touch of elegance and style to your bathroom. Go for classic material for furniture and cabinetry and create subtle variations on the surface. Arts and crafts sink and cabinetry works great in bungalow style houses and those where decorations emphasize wood, natural materials and rustic simplicity.

Chic Statement

The idea of converting furniture to bathroom vanity really works to achieve a stylish look for your bathroom. An integrated sink with storage units beneath and high quality countertop gives a glamorous, sophisticated look.

An effective combination of sink and cabinet and some modern accents can give your bathroom a styled look.

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