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The various types of bathroom sinks present today

If there’s one item we use every day; it’s a sink. Tooth paste, loose hairs, hair sprays gels and other bathroom essentials fill the sink everyday but its efficient design is able to cater for all this without a sweat. It is for this reason that sinks are made in many different designs and materials to suit anyone and everyone. Prior to their function, sinks are made very easy to clean and most of the time stain resistant to prevent unwanted smudges and spots on your sink. Over time, sink designs have become greatly innovative all in a bid to please customers and also bring out that exquisite style in your bathroom.

Different categories of bathroom sinks

Vessel sinks
This sink has a rather literal design relevant to the name. Unlike other sinks, it is a vessel-like sink fixated on top of the bathroom counter; a first glance at it may make you think that it is a bowl set on the counter. This sink specifically has many distinct styles ranging from wooden vessels to pure white ceramic ones. Other innovative designs portray a partially broken sink but well-designed to contain a considerable amount of water. It’s a stylish bathroom sink that can enhance any bathroom façade.

Pedestal sinks

As the name declares, a pedestal sink is, most of the time a ceramic sink mounted on a raised pedestal-like stand creating an illusion of a sink on a podium. This type of sink is mostly set on its own without auxiliary support or liaison. This comes as a core advantage to the sink as it can be set alone and also nothing limits its depth and breadth. It is a common sink in open places sometimes equipped with a small fountain.

Undermount sinks

Undermount sinks are very common in public institutions and also homes. Their design entails a regular bowl-like sink placed within a depression in the countertop. Most of the time, such sinks are incredibly firm and correspond swiftly with the countertop design and seem to be level with no bumps or bulges.

Drop in bathroom sinks

Relevant to the name, this kind of sink incorporates the regular bowl but firmly hanging on its own without support from below. The drainage system is briefly visible from beneath until it branches off into the wall. It is a common sink with reason as it is easy to install.

These are jut but a few of the many sink designs but all are well equipped to serve their intended purpose.

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