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Taps for bathroom

The 2 most important features that can make a huge difference in any bathroom are the taps and the bathroom suite. Add the final touch to your fancy bathroom with a wonderful range of mixers and taps that are available in the market these days. There are endless number of designs and patters in the taps and mixtures. No matter you are reforming your bathroom or just simply invigorating your bathroom space, you can get a huge range of bathroom taps and fittings to go with your theme.

There is a variety of classic and contemporary type of chrome taps available. Supplement your prime with coordinating taps. Taps come in many kinds- from four-hole bath combos to single- lever basin mixers.

Types of taps

There are taps for all purposes, be it a single tap for the guest bathroom or a brassware for every point in a bathroom-bidet, basin, shower or bathtub. For affinity with all the styles of sanitary-ware, every collection has options of different kinds of mounting styles.

Basin taps types

Wall-mounted taps
Single-lever mixers with high and low spouts

Shower and bath tap types

Exposed and concealed mixers
Floor-mounted bath mixers and spouts

These days, with the advancement in technology every day, companies are launching many useful and unique bath taps and basin taps. There are taps with silk move technology that has extra-wide angle for operation and superior ceramic discs which ensure years of correct and proper temperature control and shiny and silky handling. These taps come with a great technology of fast installation.
There is very rarely any need of replacement with these taps as they are designed to last a lifetime! All the materials and functions are tested before the product is finally launched in the market.

The three main types of bathroom fittings (taps, mixtures etc.) available are:

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