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The bathroom necessities: tiles

Welcome to the world of bathroom tiles. Necessary for all bathrooms, bathroom tiles can be broadly categorized into two categories: Floor tiles and Wall tiles. The wall tiles basically add to the feel of your bathroom. The various kinds of wall tiles are fun to choose from. Just make sure you have a specific design in mind- you might get the exact one or at least one that looks somewhat like what you wanted or visualized. Choosing floor tiles could be a tricky thing. Floor tiles in your bathroom should be selected carefully. You don’t want anyone to complain that your bathroom tiles are slippery or even worse, slip on them yourself. Hence, while choosing floor tiles, make sure that you choose the correct ones.

Tile types:

The kind of tile you select for the bathroom floor is very important. There are many types available, few of the popular ones are: Ceramic tiles, glass tiles, metal tiles, mosaic tiles, natural stone tile, porcelain tiles. While ceramic tiles are economical and look great indoors, porcelain tiles are durable and offer dual features of wood and stone. You could choose natural stone also, they have a high end look with lots of variety. A good floor tile is one on which no one would slip, would last few years and are reasonably priced.

Tile style:

The various styles available in the market include: the wooden look, the metallic look, the fabric look, the ceramic look, stick wall look etc. Wall tile have a range of styles- including those for walk in showers. Markets offer different selection for walk-in showers, normal washrooms, bathroom with tubs etc. You can have different tiles in the same bathroom. A good color palette for tiles is available. You can go for any color you want. Whatever appeals to your aesthetic sense, choose that style.

Tile sizes:
There are many sizes available in the market these days – both for floor and wall tiles. 12×12, 16×16, 12×24, 18×18.Go for whatever you think would add to the look of your bathroom and would beautify your bathroom.

Happy Shopping!

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