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Save bathroom space with bathtubs for small spaces

Most of the old bathrooms are still small because of the lack of budget or space. However, if you were stuck with an old bathroom, you should not worry since you may increase the space of your bathroom or you can add the perception of your bathrooms by using Bathtubs for Small Spaces.

Get bathroom furniture that can help you to save space

While looking for the furniture for a small bathroom, make sure that everything is kept in the corner and maximize the space you have. Use the shelving or the storage units within the corners and the corners are able to provide an extra inches and while it allows creating unique design solution.

Use a small toilet if you have a big old toilet, use a compact and elongated model. The new toilets use less water and they are friendly to environment. If you have small bathroom and when you add busy patterns, it will overpower other things and will make the space to shrink. Go for solid colors, natural tones with the light that give an open and spacious feel. In case you wish to be creative, try to play with the textures but not the patterns. Keep the prints light and at the minimum and if you want to go for bold, the powder room is the better place to do what you like.

Items that can help you to save space

Get a bath which was designed to make the most of the small spaces. It has unique curved basin and its standard sizes makes it the best option for renovation and easy updating. You can also find a coordinating curved shower rod to use in your bathroom.

Change the small faucet and go for space saving and single-hole model. You can streamline your shower by choosing a shower screen and sliding shower door. The sliding doors do not need too much space while a clear glass also acts like the window and this creates a feeling of more space.

Storage options for a small bathroom

Reduce the space taken by the vanity by installing pedestal sink or small vanity. Even if it may not be that small, the console tables may help in expanding perception of the space since it has slender legs. When you decide to forego the vanity, you should add more shelves to cover the storage you had lost.

While looking for the Bathtubs for Small Spaces, you may replace old tub to have lower walled model so that they can help with the sightlines and to make bathroom to look expansive. They are the best choice when you want to shower but they are still deep for a bath.

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