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Bathroom flooring ideas using tiles

Choosing the best Bathroom floor designs are important to consider when renovating your bathroom or decorating your new home. Bathroom is the place where everyone relaxes everyday and enjoys their bath and hence you must ensure a good ambience in the bathroom. Installing beautiful tiles in your bathroom will enhance the entire look and feel of a bathroom.

Different varieties of bathroom tiles

A large array of tiles is available in different shapes, sizes, material and colors. You can choose tiles made of ceramic, marble, vinyl, wood and much more varieties to decorate your bathroom floors. You can pick tiles that perfectly blend well with the bathroom d├ęcor and other accessories in your bathroom. Installing the best tile that suits the space and dimension of your bathroom is very important. Good tile flooring can make a small bathroom look spacious while a bad choice of flooring can entirely ruin the look of an otherwise spacious bathroom. Also when choosing a bathroom floor tile, make sure that it is not smooth and slippery. Especially when it comes to choosing a flooring tile for a bathroom safety should be given utmost importance. Select floor tiles that are easy to clean and maintain and is moisture proof.


The most popular and commonly used floor tiles for bathroom is the ceramic tiles that are manufactured in various sizes and shapes. Ceramic tiles are easily available in a variety of colors and designs and one can choose solid colors in contrast to the walls of the bathroom, or tiles with printed designs with unique themes for a stylish and classic look of your bathroom. If you are looking for affordable varieties of bathroom tiles, then it is worth to try Vinyl floor tiles and also the laminated tile varieties that require only minimum maintenance. There are also tiles made of metals like brass, copper, zinc, etc. if you are looking for unique varieties to add a modern twist and elegance to your bathroom. Other varieties of tile flooring are marble and granite stones that can be used on the bathroom floors for a royal look. These tile varieties have a matt texture and are not slippery liked the polished tile varieties.


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