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Steps & tips– how to replace a kitchen faucet

Kitchen faucet is very important and useful fixture in the kitchen. It becomes inconvenient if the faucet is not working. A kitchen faucet can be replaced by anyone. It is not a big task to remove the faucet. Fixing the new one is a bit difficult.

Materials required changing the kitchen faucet

o New kitchen faucet
o Plumber kitty
o Screwdrivers
o Adjustable and Basin wrench
o Towel
o Bucket
o Mounting hardware

Steps for replacing a kitchen faucet

• First turn off the faucet. Place a bucket below the water supply pipes.
• Hot and cold water supply lines should be shut off. Let the water from the pipe flow out.
• The hot and cold water supply should be disconnected from below the faucet.
• Now unscrew the bolts of the faucet. Loosen the screw with the help of screwdriver and then use your hand to remove them.

• The old faucet will now be removed easily.
• Place plumbers putty on the bottom of the plate.
• Place the putty in the sink and keep the faucet in the place.
• Mounting hardware should be installed
• Hook and tighten the water supply lines
• Turn on the water supply
• Check the flow of water from the faucet.

When to replace a kitchen faucet

 If the finish of the kitchen faucet turns fade
 If the handle of the faucet has discolored
 The spout is worn out or corroded.
 The internal parts of the faucet are worn out
 If the faucet is making a squeezing sound

Problems with a faulty faucet

If a screeching sound is heard every time when the faucet is on, this means that the rubber washers needs replacement. They are very cheap and are available at all hardware stores.

If a clicking sound is heard, there is a possibility that there is some problem with the pipes and it needs to be checked.

If the flow of the water decreases suddenly this means the aerator is clogged. The aerator needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Aerators are inexpensive so changing it is also a good option
If the kitchen sink sprayer dribble the problem might be associated with the diverter.


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