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All you need to know about round kitchen tables

Nothing in this planet screams modern like round tables. They say a table creates the best center piece in your kitchen, so choosing the right table is not only important than vital. Round table design creates a modern chic look that is quickly catching on to become one of the most embraced trends of the season.

Reasons to have a round table

It’s easy to place

This is super convenient and ideal for small rooms. It enables you to have your perfect table without crowding the room.

No sharp edges

This is an added advantage for those with small children and pets. It creates a safer environment that is almost ideal.

Challenges that come with having a round table

Tipping challenge

Some tables are supported by one stand at the bottom. This can be quite unstable if one side of the table is overloaded. To overcome this ensure the table you’re buying is perfectly placed and stable.

Mismatched proportions

There’s really no way to tell the number of people who can seat without placing the seats in place. This makes the table feel a little overcrowded.

With a round table it’s also hard to squeeze in an extra seat or two for a situation where there extra people at the table. You can solve this by buying a round table with pull outs that allow it to stretch to an oval table.

The best round tables money can buy

Costa round dining table by Nuevo living

This is a perfect table. It has beautiful gold stand legs that bring out the top glass coat. Though it comes with an alarming price tag this is definitely a classy masterpiece that will add sophistication and class to your kitchen.

Tommy Bahama Island Traditions Isle worth Round Dining Table

This is defiantly a must have if you love to keep things plain and traditional. The strong, high quality wooden design gives the feeling of tradition and at the same time class and simplicity. This is definitely a table to behold.


A round table is a lovely piece of kitchen furniture and a definite must have.

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