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Comsence bathroom

Some few decades ago during the previous generations, there was this type of Bathroom
That was so popular in some kinds of homes- A bathroom that sits in between two bedrooms
Thereby adjoining them and thus providing entrance from each of the bedrooms through
Their respective door that is designed with outside and inside lock control equipment’s,
This type of bathroom is popularly known as “Jack and Jill Bathroom” a term that real
Estate professionals uses to refer to its type but in my own words i call it “The
Commence Bathroom”


This set of Bathroom have two opposite doors that leads directly into a bedroom each,
Which the bedrooms and the bathroom share equally. For you to make use of the
Bathroom, coming in from one of the bedrooms you latch the door through which you came in,
And after that you would need to go over and lock the other door- which is the door that
The bathroom share with the other bedroom- and there you go. And when you are done, you
Would have to go over and unlock the door of the other bedroom so that anybody in
That bedroom could come in when need be, and with the same gesticulation you also unlock
Your end to walk in and locking it up after you for your privacy.

Some of these sets of bathrooms are subdivided so that the bathtub, washbasins and toilets
Sits in one cubicle or separate rooms that has a lock on the inside as well



In major cases, there are door bells fixed right before your eyes so you could ring to
Check if someone else- from the other end- is inside the bathroom, while calling is
Typical, knocking would not hurt anybody you know, so you can only know that it is free
When there is no response from the inside


Well, there could be many reasons that people may stick up if asked why they prefer the
Bathroom type to others, reasons ranging from space management, cutting down
Expenses and so on. The reasons are justifiable if you ask me-
Don’t you think so?

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