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Kitchen island bar- for large kitchens

Is your kitchen sizable enough to have a kitchen island along with the seating? Space considerations and understanding the measurements will aid you decide. Building in a kitchen island bar will reckon up storage space and countertop, but it can also give an allocated in-room dining area, specifically in easeful spaces where seating was not a choice earlier.

Considerations for kitchen island-bar

Nonetheless, whether selecting form a collection of portable, pre-designed kitchen island bars or erecting an island to click with specifications of your kitchen, the most essential considerations are placement and space.

On the top, kitchen islands need a great deal of space. The NKBA, i.e. National Kitchen and Bath Association acclaims a minimal surface area of around 3’-00” x 4’-00”. You will also require keeping traffic arrangement in consideration- walkways should part a minimum 42” broad from clear and unimpeded passage, as per NKBA.

Other concerns and considerations

Other concerns, besides comfy island seating (think bar-height stools or counter-height stools, relying on height, with swivels and arms) include a minimum of 24” of counter top space for room for elbow, from 12” to 18” of space between counter and knee (relying on the height of the counter) for clear space for knee.


Kitchen island bar areas and casual dining go hand-in-hand with a perfect guide for unearthing the right design for your budget and lifestyle. The extension of an island to an area of the kitchen gives more space for preparation of food and to store an array of appliances. But a kitchen island is also a heyday spot for giving additional seating for simply sitting with family and friends.

It is very important that you first resolve the style that you a seeking for discovering the island which will work perfect in your space. Commonplace island design include a conventional center island which includes a countertop for cabinet storage, preparing food and a space for dining associated by seating. Another option for making an area for the kitchen island bar needs clearing away half a wall which is encircling the kitchen.


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