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Must have in every kitchen- mixer

Mixer has become one of the essential appliances in the kitchen. It can serve as an alternative to many items such as slicer, shredder, grinder, rollers, cutters etc. They save a lot of time and open many options when trying to figure out the menu.

Types of mixers
Mixers are of different types each offering distinct features. Mixer can be categorized into eggbeater, stand mixer or a hand mixer.

Egg beater
Egg beater is a handheld device with a crank on one side geared to beater on other. The user grips the handle with one hand and operates crank with other.

Stand Mixer
Available generally as counter top, stand mixers are larger and contain powerful motors than the handheld mixers. They contain a bowl locked to carry stuff and a motor that operates on it. They are used for whipping cream, egg whites, mixing batters and can also be used for kneading dough if contain a dough hook.

Hand Mixer
Hand mixer is also a hand held device in which a handle is mounted over an enclosed motor. The motor drives the beater immersed in food to perform mixing. The motor should be lightweight as it held by the user.

Tips to keep in mind while buying a mixer

Capacity of the food to be used in the mixer is one of the major factors to decide the type of mixer. It is important to buy an appropriate size mixer according to the need of the user. If the load is low, the hand mixer would be a better option than the stand mixer as it is cheaper, smaller and consumes less power.

Power consumption
The power levels would increase with the mixing ability of beaters. So, if larger quantities of ingredients is used more powerful mixer is needed.

Overload protection and locking feature
The mixer should not burn out if overloaded with the ingredient, like a fuse does in electric circuits. Also, the machine should not start running unless it is properly locked to avoid accidents.

Quality of different models
The mixer should be hefty in weight so that it can withstand heavy stuff if put into it. The gears on stand mixers should be metallic to avoid deterioration.
Other features

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