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Different types of sinks

Most of the kitchen’s work is done in the sink, that’s why it is so important to choose the best sink for your kitchen. A good sink does not only mean it should be of good quality but it should also have proper size, shape and alignment. Kitchen sinks are available in various stores and are available on the net too. Sinks are made up of different materials like ceramic, granite, marble and stainless steel. These sinks can be installed in various ways, one can decide what kind of fitting he needs in his kitchen. Following are the various sink ideas, you can choose the best suited one depending on your requirement.


Under mount sinks:

These sinks are covered with the countertop material and the role of top edge of the sink is served by the countertop material which is granite mostly. These sinks are fitted beneath the countertop material which means they don’t act as an obstruction to the person working in the kitchen. Under mount sink has its own advantages and disadvantages. Extra caring is required during the cutting of the countertop material.

Integral sinks:

In these types of sinks same material is provided for the sink and the countertop. These sinks are made up of stainless steel and granite. However stainless steel is preferred over granite as it is easy to clean up the mess on stainless steel than granite. The absence of any joint makes it very easy to clean the integral sink. However you have to use integral sink carefully as any damage in the sink will result in changing the countertop too.

Self-rimmed sinks:

These sinks are the most common types of sinks and can be installed very easily. Highly skilled labor is not required to install these sinks. A hole is done in the countertop and then sink is simply dropped in that hole. These sinks are generally made up of stainless steel and they have their own rims. Cleaning up the inside of this sink is very easy, but people face challenges cleaning the joints between the rims and the countertop.

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