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Black and white kitchens are the latest trend

Black And White Kitchens

Black and white are two of the simplest colors and yet their combination can create wonders in any space. Whether you use them on walls, floor or for your cabinets, a black and white monochromatic combination instantly turns your kitchen into a classy, stylish place. The use of black and white can make any space look exquisite and dramatic and make a bold visual statement. Here are a few ways in which you can turn your kitchen into a black and white kitchen.

As simple as it may seem, designing black and white kitchen is the exact opposite of that. Too much back or too much white in the wrong places can create havoc in the design and look of your kitchen. Also where to use black and where to use white is totally dependent on the functionality aspect of your kitchen.

Kitchen with kids

If you are a young family with lots of kids running about then your kitchen obviously needs more of black on the floor and base cabinets to avoid getting dirt marks. You can then paint your walls and cabinets in white and have a monochromatic theme for the tiles.

Choosing the countertop

While a white marble countertop may be the most elegant piece in your kitchen you need to think about the cleaning aspect. If you are messy cook and have a habit of spilling things on the countertop, then white is not the right choice for you, no matter how good it looks. A black granite countertop looks as elegant and also is easier to clean and maintain.

Black appliances

A kitchen with black appliances simply looks much classier than a kitchen with white appliances. However, to be able to pull off that look you need to ensure that the rest of your kitchen is not black for the fear of making it look dark and boring.

Mix it up

There are so many options to mix up the black and white colors in your kitchens. You can go for cabinets with one black and one white door or alternate the color between cabinets. You can also create black and white pattern with the backsplash tiles to break monotony. Or you could have a completely black theme under the countertop and white above it or the other way round.

Add a color

Although you may want to keep black and white as the main colors for your kitchen, adding a third color will bring out the monochromatic feature even more. You can make subtle additions such as green plants, a yellow colored clock, golden knobs or handles. Just play around with colors till you find what works best for you.


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