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How to choose a perfect kitchen set?

Choosing a kitchen table set for your home can be baffling for many. With a variety of shape, size, and design choices available in the market, you certainly can be confused up to the hilt. To make things easier for you and help you make a wise decision, we have created a list of factors that can play a major role in your selection

Shape of the Kitchen Table Set

Shape plays an important role when you are out there to choose a kitchen table set for your home. If your kitchen is spacious, you can go for rectangular or square shaped table, and if you have limited space, then a round or oval shaped table is perfect for you. The latest bistro sets are also perfect for limited space kitchens. Bistro set tables have space below to store the chairs. You can use the chair when you need and can simply place it back in the table to save space.

Size of the Table

It is important to measure the distance between the wall and the place where the table set is to be placed. The distance should be a minimum of 40-45 inches to ensure that people using the table can move freely. There are also many multipurpose tables available in the market that have hidden or open extensions, which can be popped up and locked in place to expand the table size.


The shape and size of the table are important for determining the number of chars you will need. A famous thumb rule is to ensure that every person has atleast 2 feet of space on the table for comfortable sitting and eating.



You can choose a wooden, metal, glass, or other material for your kitchen table set. You can even combine the two, to create a unique kitchen table set for your home. For instance you can choose a wooden table and couple it with leather dining chairs to bring a traditional and classy look.

Tables with Wheel

There are also many kitchen tables that have a wheel below. You can move the table easily while eating and then can simply push it back into the corner of the kitchen or any other room for saving space.

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