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Unique kitchen table set ideas

It’s always interesting to have a kitchen table set in your house. This is the most eye catching piece in the kitchen according to most designers. There variety of options available out there that will suit your day to day lifestyle.

There several interesting dining sets perfect for your kitchen

The floor kitchen and dining set combo

This is quite an interesting set that comes on low setting. It’s quite playful and at the same time eye catching and unique. So who says you have to sit on a low table to eat floor sitting is the new in thing. Tip. It’s quite important to ensure your floor is clean before you consider this design. Also water spillage will not go very well with this design so ensure you avoid spillages. This design is not ideal for people with small kids or pets as pets tend to chew or scratch the furniture.

The bench kitchen table set

This is a new idea to the world of furniture. It’s quite unique and is becoming a fast trend among people living in small houses. It’s ideal for accommodating many guests and tends to bring a certain Traven theme to the kitchen.
Tips: for this set up you can change it up by adding pillows to the benches. In an event where the benches don’t have a back rest, push the table between walls and add the cushion. This is definitely the best trend around.


The barrel designed kitchen table sets

This is quite interesting and makes the entire place look like a little vineyard. It features barrels as sits and an interesting bigger barrel as a table. It’s unique and can be quite a piece to hold for lovers of wine or general uniqueness.

Tip: To give it a fancier feel through on table clothes and add a few vases and flowers to give it a more refined look.


In conclusion there many far off picks that one can pick to make their kitchen unique. It’s important to always choose a piece that is multi-dimensional and can be changed up to bring out a different look.

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