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White kitchen island never goes out of fashion

White Kitchen Island

A kitchen island in itself can be the most striking feature of any kitchen, but a white kitchen island is like the icing on a cake. White kitchen islands can fit into any kitchen style and blend in beautifully. They can make a modern kitchen look clean and sleek and country styles kitchen can feel warm and inviting with the presence of a white kitchen island. This article will give you an idea of some of the best white kitchen islands and some tips to clean and maintain them.

A white on white look i.e. a white kitchen island on top of white cabinets gives the kitchen calm and quiet feel. However, a white island can also be combined with any other base of a different color, texture or material to give a contrasting look. Here are some cool mix and match ideas with kitchen islands:

Tropical retreat – If you are game for some bright colors, then try painting your cabinetry in hues of blue and turquoise. Combine it with a clean white kitchen island to make an otherwise all white boring kitchen look lively and bright.

Cottage charm – Leave the entire kitchen island in white but paint other aspects of your kitchen such as walls and cabinets in different colors of the country side such as green yellow and brown to add a cottage like feel to your kitchen.

Old meets new – Have a vintage wall paper on the walls teamed up with stainless steel appliances. Along with your white kitchen island, this look shows off the perfect amalgamation of traditional and modern design.

Go furniture crazy – If you insist on keeping your kitchen island white along with other walls and cabinets go crazy with your furniture. Arrange multicolored chairs in yellow and blue along the island near your breakfast color to add a pop of color.

Having a white kitchen island does mean that you need to be extra careful when it comes to cleaning it. But don’t let this task bring you down. Just follow these simple tips:

  • Hand draperies or blinds on your windows to prevent the sun’s rays from yellowing up your white kitchen.
  • Don’t ever let grease accumulate on your cabinets. Turn on the exhaust as soon as you start cooking and make sure to wipe all surfaces when you are done cooking.
  • If at all you observe your white kitchen island getting a yellow tinge, clean it with a mixture of vinegar, warm water and baking soda to get it shining again.

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