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Contemporary bathrooms

Modern bathrooms or contemporary bathrooms make a clean and simplistic feeling. To design a ‘modern’ bathroom, make sure to use the geometrical patterns and shapes, minimal colors, clean lines, and the middle century furniture. Your bathroom can with no efforts become a modern sanctum for comfort and cleanliness.

Since, bathroom is that part of the house which is used daily; they have a great importance than we give it attention to. From cheery and bright to imposing and sophisticated, modern bathrooms have really gone a long way. Given below are some of the intrinsic details that can make your dull bathroom look refreshing and fantastic relaxation place.


Middle-century modern bathrooms

Middle-century modern style design is more architectural, graphic, furniture and interior style of the middle 19th century (1933-1965). Important significant features of the midcentury design in modern style are the use of natural colors, geometric shapes and patterns and straight lines. You can make a focal point in your bathroom by placing a modern chair or a small sofa in the corner. Go for colors and patterns that goes with those categories when looking for what kind of mirror, fixtures and faucets you are choosing to have in your contemporary bathroom.
“Design is an idea for organizing the elements in a way as best to achieve a distinct purpose.”

Minimalistic and simple design

Simplicity is the thumb rule of modern design. You need to be sure to keep the organic and the open spaces free of any clutter. Use cabinetries and built-in shelves to hide the nonessential private items. Leave all the novelty items and toiletries out of your bathing area, this is a space for clean design and relaxation. Don’t clutter that space up with unnecessary objects. Choose backsplash and tiles in geometric shapes and patterns to add character and interest with forgoing the minimalistic design.

Overly simplified bathroom interior design ideas
Organize the framed mirrors in geometrical shapes on the wall of your bathroom.
Place small flower pots on the shelves to add some organic feel.
You can also hang some modern framed prints.


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