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Amazing modular designs for small space kitchens

Kitchens being a vital space in any house require keen attention to the design when creating or remodeling the room. Along with functionality, the appearance of the kitchen should be considered. With modern concepts and trends introduced in the modular kitchen designs, it becomes easy to enhance the look of even small spaced kitchens using few simple ideas.

When the kitchen has limited space, it becomes difficult to work at times. Modular kitchen design stands as the perfect solution to organizing a small kitchen space while maintaining the functionality.

What to consider

Working on the following areas can help you create efficient kitchen designs in a small space:

• Storage
• Appliances
• Lighting

Though small space kitchens seem to be challenging at design, it is still possible to transform them into a efficient, beautiful, functional working space. Despite of building restrictions and limited budget, you can find certain effective options to give the perfect makeover to your kitchen interiors to fit your choice and needs.

How to make the small kitchen look spacious

• Remove clutter from the working area
• Consider space-efficient kitchen storage
• Combine ambient and natural lighting
• Employ compact appliances

Popular modular designs for small kitchens
• L-shaped Kitchens: They are efficient in providing enhanced storage area and workspace while kitchen corners can be used as dining area.

• Galley Kitchens: This type of modular design has all the working areas side by side and offers reduced storage areas. A good option is two-way galley design that features storage below the worktop. Cupboards are positioned towards the facing wall for ease of access and reduced movements for items.

• U-shaped Kitchens: This kind of design provides the maximum storage area and workspace with decreased floor space.

Choose the kitchen layout you like and start designing with preparation area, sink and hob.

Other challenges

Modular design for limited space kitchen needs great attention to come up with efficient storage solutions. Opting for compact appliances that occupy less space is a good idea. Another challenge is creating space illusion in a small kitchen. This can b achieved using proper lighting. You can consider installing deeper counters which accommodate more items, increasing the work space. Hanging up pans and pots also work to free up some cabinet space and add a touch of charm to your small kitchen.

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