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Cheap bathroom vanities: an affordable way to complement your bath

A new vanity can undoubtedly transform the entire look of your bathroom. Vanities, being one of the most prominent bathroom elements, require wise selection for success. While most vanities are priced at several thousand dollars, it is not difficult to find the perfect option even when you are on a limited budget. You do not need to compromise function or style for the sake of your budget. Use the below mentioned tips to shop for an affordable vanity for your bathroom.

Avoid custom vanity cabinets

Pre-designed vanities from a company center or catalog are quite less priced than special order or custom designed. It may take some time to find the perfect vanity for your requirements of style and function but can give substantial savings when on budget.

Consider the size

Before you begin shopping, determine the size measurements for the vanity in terms of width, height and depth that your bathroom can accommodate. Take the measurements with you so that you don’t end up buying unnecessary items.

Look for material

Test the cabinets to check their strength and avoid buying the less durable ones. If opting for a wooden cabinet, avoid particleboard. Plywood and solid wood vanities are likely to last longer while being less susceptible to water damage.

Act smart on storage

Though vanities are intended to hold just a faucet and sink, they can do a lot more. Consider the ways you can use the cabinet and select the one that suits your needs and routine. If you have limited space, you can maximize storage using a cabinet that features a large number of shelves and drawers.

Add chic details

A custom designed vanity might not suit your budget but that doesn’t mean you cannot get one of such a kind. You can think about upgrading the stock cabinet with replacement of countertop using a cheap granite remnant. Such ideas of detailing can give you the feel of a designer vanity for your bathroom at affordable price.

Be creative

Use a bit of creativity to turn your table, dresser or a cabinet into a functional vanity. This DIY bathroom idea can save you a lot of money while giving a unique look to your bathroom.

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