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Setting up an outdoor kitchen island

Kitchen islands are wonderful spaces that allow one to increase the entertainment value of a kitchen. While kitchens without a kitchen island will be used only for cooking and meal preparation, with an island in the middle, the kitchen converts into a parlor or a dining area for the family members. It is a cozy, intimate space for casual conversations over meals and snacks. Many people have outdoor patio areas where they have an outdoor kitchen or bar spaces for entertaining guests and for servicing food. Here one can set up an outdoor kitchen island as well..

Options Available

If you are wondering where to begin in order to install an outdoor kitchen island, start by looking up the various lifestyle and home magazines for ideas. Nowadays, online portals and blogs offer wonderful home or patio makeover designs and ideas. These can serve as inspiration on what can be worked out in one’s home. The budget and space available as well as outdoor weather elements need to be considered before the construction is carried out.

Add On The Counter To Patio Kitchens


If you have an outdoor kitchen area already, you could simply use the kitchen counter as an outdoor kitchen island. That would not need additional investments. The kitchen counter, stocked up with matching chairs or stools will surely convert into a cozy eating space. If there is no kitchen area from before, one can add on an extension counter of a patio bar and use it as an outdoor kitchen island.

How To Maintain Outdoor Kitchen Areas

Usually an outdoor kitchen island or counter or a bar in a patio area needs to be constructed with special attention to the weather elements. The semi open patio areas need to be furnished with wood that is specially coated or other synthetic materials, designed to withstand the weather elements. Nowadays attractive counter top options in ceramic, wood or reinforced plastic slabs are available. One can choose as per their budget as well as durability and functions they have in mind. Many design ideas available online can help one to get started.

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