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Different ways to make a bathroom spacious

Space is a rather limiting factor and when you don’t have it, you simply have to deal with it by finding ways to incorporate all your stuff in the little that you have. Small bathrooms for that matter tend to limit the owner in terms of functionality décor and storage. But this doesn’t mean that your small bathroom can’t be stunning and not to mention alluring. Up to date, there are numerous designs you can use to pimp your small bathroom and make it look much better and also spacious; be it traditional or modern. But the design really depends on you; you can’t simply imitate a complete design with all its components, I bet some will differ however slight. That is why when researching for a small bathroom design it is important to put some key factors in mind.

Tips on designing a small bathroom

Be functional
Already, your bathroom is small and you don’t want unnecessary clutter in the way. That is why when designing your small bathroom, incorporate functional items and only that. However much you may want to add a certain accessory, first assess its function and then decide on adding it. Try and maximize needed counter space by reducing the number of personal stuff on it. Also avoid large décor that may only limit your space further.

Storage is important

Instead of showcasing your wonderful towels and accessories, store them in cabinets and floating shelves if present. If you still want to display your towels, you can opt for open shelves which will add warmth and color to your petite bathroom. Maximize on storage rather than add-ons; furthermore, a room with less that meets your eye seems more spacious. Wooden crates or portable cabinets can in turn be drilled into the wall or placed on the ground for easier accessibility.



While painting or repainting, aim for neutral colors as they make your bathroom calm and more pleasing. Above your neutral-colored background, you can incorporate interesting and fancy patterns to give the room a desired depth. Apart from painting you can include bright colored tiles and or towels to bring about a bright appearance which creates an illusion of space.

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