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Small vanities for your bathroom

Who wouldn’t want a beautiful, innovative and yet a practical dream bathroom? What are bathrooms for? They are made for contemporary use and living and over the past years bathrooms have changed from the basic to efficient and elegant. There are a variety of cabinets and vanities that are available these in the markets and even on online sites. Vanities help in proper organization of your bathrooms and ads charm to it while goes with your lifestyle.

Double sink vanities

One of the exclusive and different conveniences to add elegance and flair to your bath is by double sink vanity. You can create a functional as well as stylish bathroom with a small vanity which will give you that supplementary space required to keep from messing up in each other’s way. Vanities are also good to have in a bathroom when there is more than one child who uses the bathroom. A wide range and variety of modern vanities are available these days from where you can choose the one of your use and taste.

Floating vanities

Vanities are manufactured in a number of styles and are mostly available in all kind of qualities. Another most prevalent option of vanity these days is the floating vanities. Presently these vanities are used in the contemporary bathrooms of modern times and give a unique and different floating look in the bath. While, the traditional vanities are attached with the floors of the bathroom, these floating vanities are directly attached to the walls and there is no contact with the floor in this type. It has a clearance space of about 8 to 12 inches below it to the floor. It gives even a small bathroom a bigger look as it keeps the bathroom clean and healthy.Medicine recessed cabinets

Medicine cabinets are another modern concept thing in the bathroom which gives the finishing touch in your contemporary bathrooms. The recessed medicine cabinet takes very less space in the bathroom without compromising with the storage capacity. You can tuck the medicine cabinet inside the wall and your vanity area will look larger. Another option of small vanity is the Corner medicine cabinet which can be tucked in the corner of any small bathroom and it gives a very good storage space too!

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