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Kitchen Inspiration: the 5 best kitchen inspiration ideas

Are you looking for your dream kitchen? On this page you will find ideas and inspiration to choose the perfect kitchen! We have gathered the best kitchen inspiration ideas in this article to help you know what options are available when choosing a new kitchen!

Kitchen inspiration idea #1: Victorian ‘hot’ Country Kitchens

Do you want   such cuisine as Hyacinth Bucket in “Keeping Up Appearances? Then we have good news: English country kitchens are totally hip again. An English Country kitchen has a classic and romantic character. Floral wallpaper, painted edges and porcelain kitchen grips are the components that you find in such a kitchen. You shouldn’t, of course forget the kitchen pastel shade. That makes the picture complete.

Kitchen inspiration idea #2: Back is a mood maker

The back wall of your kitchen determines to a large extent the atmosphere at home. Do you know what you to put at the back? You can choose from natural stone (mosaic) tile, granite, glass, stainless steel, plastic or a gigantic picture. However, you should take into account the style of the kitchen. Modern kitchens do not match well with Delft Blue tiles.

Kitchen inspiration idea #3: Italian Snaidero design

British kitchens are hip but tight Italian cuisines are also! The Italian kitchen brand Snaidero kitchens offer futuristic designs which are sure to be seen. The Italians lead the way in terms of design and this is well proved in the Snadeiro brand.

Kitchen Inspiration

Kitchen inspiration idea #4: What shape?

One of the most essential questions that often come into peoples minds is about the shape of the kitchen. A corner kitchen is very practical and has the most storage space. Do you have a great kitchen? It is wise to place a multifunctional cooking island in the middle. Do you have just a small kitchen? Opt for a straight kitchen with some upper cabinets or go for a kitchen with bar.

Kitchen inspiration idea #5: High quality equipment

Very often, we hear that people want to install all kinds of appliances in their kitchen: an espresso machine, a dishwasher, a microwave, a boiling-water tap, etcetera, and etcetera. If you have a large kitchen, then do it for sure. Do you have a smaller kitchen? Choose only devices you use almost every day. Suppose you’re not a coffee drinker, do not choose an espresso machine, because such a device just take up space you need for other things. Do you want to do electric or gas cooker? That too is a consideration you need to make before purchasing.


Kitchen Inspiration

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