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Small bathroom vanity to upgrade the look of your bathroom

Elegant bath cabinetry upgrades the look of your bathroom and adds versatile storage space. Here is what to think about before purchasing a vanity or designing cabinets for your bathroom. Like kitchen units, ready-made bath cabinets come in two basic constructions. American-style framed cabinets have a face frame applied to the front of the cabinet boxes. Door hinges are often visible. European, or frameless, cabinets have no face frame. Doors cover almost all of each cabinet box, and hardware is hidden when the doors are closed. The former suggests a traditional look; the latter usually feels more contemporary. Stock cabinets offer the fewest variables in materials, finishes, sizes and details but they are also the most affordable. Semi-Custom and custom small bathroom vanities increase your options – but also your cost, and typically your delivery time.

Vanity construction

When you are shopping for small bathroom vanities and cabinets, remember that you typically get what you pay for. Quality materials, such as plywood cabinet boxes and drawers with solid wood sides and dovetail joinery, are more expensive than some other materials, but they are likely to hold up longer. You will also need to decide if you want a vanity with a top. A vanity with a countertop simplifies your choices, but one without a top lets you pick from a wide range of countertop materials.

Style details

Exotic woods, specialty finishes, and mille details can bring a furniture look to the vanity area and upgrade your bath´s overall style. Choose a model with a bowed front, opposite, for an extra dash of style, or add custom moldings or pilasters to upgrade the look. Remember the decorative impact of knobs and pulls, as well. Use this cabinet jewelry to dress up a simple style or emphasize a design theme. Match your faucet finish or not- it is up to you

Storage features

When selecting a vanity, consider how you will use it. What will be stored there? Do you want a single sink or a double vanity that offers more storage space? You may also want to install a recessed unit or a surface mount vanity to avoid breaking into the wall.


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