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Create your own wall art for your kitchens

Designing a kitchen can be one of the best things that you could do in your house to make it look truly ideal, but many are often at a loss on how to make it better than the usual. One way to do that is by using wall art. It’s there on almost every wall around us, then why not in the kitchens? Wall art can be an inexpensive way for you to style up your kitchen and give it an unexpected twist- one that’d make you love being there all day.


Silhouettes are amongst the most elegant yet underestimated of all design elements. You can induce a culinary inspired twist on your walls using silhouettes. These can be in the forms of cutouts of cooking appliances as well as utensils, which would beautifully mix in with your theme of wall art for your kitchen. These cutouts can be from anywhere, right from pages of an old cookbook to something printed off an internet. Make them stand out in a neat black frame of different widths, arranging them in a balanced composition for maximum effect.

Attention grabbers

If you have some unique accessories that you’d like to show off, then draw attention towards them using an oversized piece of any form of artwork. Not only does this give you a way to place some ‘art’ around the house, but also helps you get that unique piece of cutlery you have get the attention that it deserves.

Do-it-yourself botanical prints

This one is all about updating the old look of botanical prints via a simple procedure. Lay some plastic greenery on a black canvas, and then use spray paint to create a reverse silhouette. Frisked is a special material which is available in most model-building sections in craft stores which can help you give your pieces a different and irregular border.

Art & Calendars

If you thought that your calendar was nothing more than a tool of showing the day, then you’ve never been more wrong. It’s got a lot of art in it- and it only takes some effort to see that. Remove the glass from any picture-frame, line its insides with scrapbook paper and then adhere the calendar to that paper. Use a calendar with tear-off pages so that you can change easily from month to month.

These simple yet effective tips can be quite the change that you could make to your kitchen and its walls- mix them up with your own creativity for even better results!

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