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Designing tips for small bathrooms

The size of the bathroom has grown bigger with time. When compared to older house, the newer ones (constructed in the last 30 years) have bathrooms twice or thrice the size of the older ones. Also, the advancement of technology and the high utilization of resources has pushed everyone towards having a more comfortable lifestyle and hence there has been various developments in areas dealing with the lifestyle of a person, namely kitchen, bathroom, etc. But what about people living in these old houses? Don’t they crave for or desire a more luxurious or well-designed bathroom? Sure they do! As we cannot just expand the bathroom size in all these old houses, it becomes important to come up with small changes that would beautify the washroom without altering its dimensions. Here are a few things that can be done to make the washroom look bigger and more spacious and beautiful.

Optical illusion using mirrors

Feeling claustrophobic in a small washroom is common. But it is easy to trick your mind into believing that the bathroom is bigger than what it really is. This is because of the fact that we are accustomed to blindly believing what we see (the phrase “seeing is believing” didn’t arise out of nowhere!). Having a symmetric design in the washroom allows us to use long mirrors to make the room look bigger than what it really is. Some washroom design even use complete mirrors to separate the shower area and rest of the bathroom, thereby serving two purposes:

Making the washroom look bigger.
Eliminating the need of a shower curtain or any other visual barrier.

Having significant focal points

This means that the washroom must consist of some elements that capture the attention and make you focus on that specific element. Having a well-lit vanity or a beautiful sink design with ambient lighting helps we achieve this goal. Lighting plays an important role in creating these illusions. A bright lighting may make the room look small while a well-planned lighting highlighting the decided focal points would not only make the room bigger but also helps you showcase the more expensive items at these focal points.

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