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Small kitchen interior design ideas

Small kitchen areas are extremely difficult to manage. You want them to be extremely functional, spacious, and they should also not look extremely overcrowded. However, modern designs have made things much easier for home owners with small kitchen.

Be it a small suburban cape style design, or a small galley in a high rise, the following intelligent and attractive small kitchen interior design ideas are sure to help you with expanding the look of your small kitchen.


The functionality of your kitchen is of utmost importance. While designing your small kitchen, the main focus should be on the main function of the kitchen-that is to cook meals. So the best thing is to focus on the cooking needs of your kitchen by ensuring that you have all the appliances perfectly placed and you have enough work area. For saving space on your cooking needs, you can reduce a bit of space consumption by purchasing smaller and innovative appliances. Like, you can buy a smaller refrigerators, microwaves, and stoves. You can also save space by using single sinks, carts with counter top and smaller island.

Cupboards that Open

Small kitchens look much smaller when you have the cabinets just above your head. Many a times you won’t be able to even reach to the kitchen contents, making your kitchen look like an overcrowded and difficult to manage space. Replace your overhead cupboards with open storage cupboards. In this way, your kitchen will look much more spacious and will also serve as a display space for your cooking pots, pans and other cookware.

Use Glass

Glass is one of the most common ways to expand the space of your kitchen. You can get a countertop or tabletops, cabinet doors, tile made up of glass. Kitchen doors can also made from glass for a spacious look. Placing mirrors at strategic locations in the kitchen will also expand its look.


Lighting is another intelligent way to make your small kitchen look spacious. You can add pendant lights, incandescent lights, spot lights, at various places in your kitchen to expand its look. Lights of different types can also be installed under base cabinets, in order to add a lighting effect on the toe plate.

Consider the above mentioned small kitchen interior design ideas to ensure that your kitchen is fully functional, as well as looks great.

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