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Aluminum rear walls for a luxury kitchen

A seamless aluminum coating creates a sleek and luxurious atmosphere in the kitchen. The aluminum coating on the behind walls are stylish, moisture resistant and do not need to be maintained all the time. They are also available in every color imaginable, giving you the widest scope of choice to suit your taste. The durable aluminum, provided with a protective coating, is well suited for use in environments where high humidity, such as kitchens and bathrooms. And because the coating can be applied in every imaginable color, it fits into any interior.

How aluminum coatings work

You can easily make your kitchen a luxury kitchen using aluminum coatings. The material can be integrated into any interior without a fuss. It can be applied on the kitchen back wall and   applied over any existing wall. Because of their exact dimensions, the aluminum back fits over the ‘old’ tile or glass wall in your kitchen. They are precisely tailored to fit exactly to size and without joints or seams.

The advantages of aluminum rear walls

The aluminum kitchen back walls are particularly heat resistant. Even temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius have no effect on their appearance. A rise in the level of damp doesn’t affect its appearance. In addition, the rear walls are also scratch and impact resistant, fingerprint resistant and there are no streaks left after cleaning.

Luxury Kitchen

Luxury kitchen styles that can be enhanced with aluminum back walls

The back wall of the kitchen must be able to withstand moisture, grease and scratches. Tiles are often chosen to coat the back, make them spatter-free and moisture-proof. However, there are also wonderful opportunities for a tighter, more modern look. There are maintenance-free and moisture-proof aluminum rear walls in every color imaginable. It is a sustainable solution with an unprecedented luxury. You can add them to the following luxury kitchen styles:

  • Country Kitchens:   A country kitchen exudes cosines and often gives a nostalgic and timeless feel. It is also easy to combine with different colors and materials like aluminum rear walls.
  • Designer kitchens: A designer kitchen is a kitchen with a unique and exclusive look. It also struts a sleek, perfect finish. Designer kitchens often have kitchen islands. You can make it a luxury kitchen by adding aluminum back walls.
  • High gloss kitchens: A high gloss kitchen is often something timeless and combines well with other cooking styles such as modern and country kitchens. Adding aluminum to it will make it a luxury kitchen.

Finally, aluminum rear walls do not have any disadvantage. If you are poised towards giving your kitchen that luxury kitchen look, use it today.

Luxury Kitchen

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