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Bathroom -tile design

Tiling plays an important role in bathroom renovation. It is important to plan the tiling of bathroom properly because it frames the fixture locations, lighting locations, niche locations. Tilling is a skilled job but if done with planning it is not hard to get the desired results. Some of the guidelines to keep in mind while tiling the bathroom are:-


The design of the bathroom i.e. the shower, tub places and the headers and the framing needed should be planned out earlier so that proper placing of tiles is there. The lights, cabinets, fans’ place also has to be checked and the electric, plumbing lines have to lie out accordingly.

Tile selection

Next step is to check the size of the tile. The tiles should be checked for warping and should be soak-test for quality control. The tiles should be bought with the same batch number, because even when the tiles are same there is a slight difference in the texture or color. The type of tile can be chosen according to the theme and budget in mind. It can be mosaic, brightly colored or simple to save the money. Also, if the floor tiles are being chosen they should be more durable and slip-resistant than the wall tiles.

Preparing the surface

The walls should be clean, dry, free of dust & grease and as flat as possible before the tiling. The surface should not have any deflection and capable of carrying the load.

Laying out the tiles

The tiles should be laid out from the ceiling to the floor. Also fixing the tiles after the ceiling is finished is better.

Tiling around doors and windows

The showers’ waterproofing should be done keeping in mind the type of windows installed so that the water does not get behind the tiles into the window framing. Also, water -proof adhesive should be used. This would also ensure the durability of the tiles.

Setting the drain

The drain should be set properly amidst the tiling. Some drains do not have any wiggle space for the tiles. So their drain pipe should be appropriately set before the tiling to avoid any misconstructions later.

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