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Selecting the right material for the best kitchen counters

One of the most challenging tasks for home owners could be in choosing the most appropriate kitchen counters that would suit their design and fulfill their requirements in the long run. Kitchen counters could be expensive and the decision could be tricky. There are a range of materials available in the market today.


Quartz kitchen countertops are quite popular and have a sleek look and finish. Their glossy look can be dressed in a range of different styles and colors. Quartz kitchen counters can be an excellent choice to invest in. Quartz is a non-porous material and the risk of absorption of kitchen fluids can be ruled out. This makes the maintenance task easier than you can imagine. Further, quartz kitchen counters are available in a range of different colors and patterns.

Polished granite countertops also offer a durable surface to work with. The grain in granite differs with every piece and creates appeal for most kitchen counters. The natural material can prove to be an excellent surface to work with, and enables the cleaning up of oils and acids an easy task.

Polished wood and laminated wood kitchen counters are the most practical choices for home owners since they give an overall rich appearance. The cottage kitchen look that comes with wooden kitchen counters makes the kitchen inherently decorative. Home owners and designers tend to mix and match wooden and laminated kitchen counters with a range of other materials to give the cozy look.

Matte finished granite kitchen counters and marble kitchen counters are a popular choice for home owners in the present day. They impart a sleek look and while marble is prone etching and chipping, honed granite is very resilient as a kitchen workspace and the possibility of scratching, cracking and chipping of honed granite kitchen counters is eliminated due to the special polishing it has received.

Stainless steel kitchen counters create an industrial look for the kitchen workspace and often match up steel and colors for lighting and d├ęcor. However, since the surface is largely steely and shiny, coordinating it with almost any other material is an easy task. Home owners and designers are especially prone to opting for a stainless steel surface due to its natural ability to stop bacteria, and therefore infection. Hence stainless steel kitchen counters prove to be one of the best choices in terms of hygiene.

Lastly, glass kitchen counters can be cut into any shape and are also stain and infection resistant. Glass can also be easily textured and can add shape to both classical and modern settings.

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