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Kitchen Colors

Selecting and applying kitchen cupboard paint

Do you think that your kitchen looks drab and needs a makeover? If yes, then do you plan to replace the cabinets and cupboards completely? There is something else that you can do actually, instead of spending hundreds of dollars remaking the storage units. You can consider repainting them. This …

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Burbidge kitchens: ideas and installations

There are so many modern types of kitchens which are doing the rounds these days. Burbidge kitchens are one of the most modern kind of kitchens and are fast gaining popularity. With passing time, there is a rising need for contemporary kitchen which are complete with all kinds of amenities …

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Bright and warm kitchen colour schemes

Most people start their day in the kitchen and having bright colors in the kitchen always make for a good start to the day. Some believe that having certain colors in the kitchen lead to appetite stimulation and other reduce one’s desire to eat. While this may or may not …

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