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Sleek kitchen designs using granite kitchen countertops

Some of the most clean look and feel kitchen designs are achieved using granite kitchen countertops. Although granite has been in use for kitchen workspace design for a long time, design specifications have evolved considerably over the years. Today, homeowners have a wealth of resources and professional assistance available when it comes to decking up kitchen countertops with granite.

Style and Size Matters when Choosing the Right Granite Kitchen Countertops
Homeowners can attribute their preferences to a range of styles available, either traditional, or modern or an eclectic style blending non-conventional choices. Contemporary designs for granite kitchen countertops generally try to blend the entire kitchen layout with the color of the granite into an elegant, stylish work area. At times, there are striking contrasts in terms of layout versus granite colors, and care must be taken to lead the design into cohesive whole. Generally solid granites as well as textured forms of granite fare equally well, depending on how they complement with the overall kitchen design.

When it comes to choosing the color for granite kitchen countertops, all woody colors are popular choices. However, black, white and colorful shades of brown, beige, gray, pink, yellow, green and brown have a mesmerizing presence as well. Homeowners and designers must be careful to match the backsplash color and material with the granite kitchen countertops earlier in their design planning process.

Granite Kitchen Countertops Score Well Over Other Kitchen Design Ideas
One of the top reasons for choosing granite kitchen countertops is their aesthetic beauty and rich feel and unique textured natural look. Once fit into the kitchen, they certainly dominate the overall kitchen design and impart a visually pleasing look to the entire layout. Choice of shades for granite countertops continues to broaden itself by day, and it is easy to work with almost any kitchen theme and a granite centerpiece.

However, granite is scratch prone and porous. There is also a risk of the sealant wearing out from frequent use of the granite kitchen countertops. In case the resealing process takes a backseat, the granite starts soaking up liquid and can become a breeding ground for germs and infection. In addition to the usually high initial cost, a yearly maintenance is rather mandatory in order to ensure durability and long life. Further to this, although the idea of a granite kitchen countertop might sound like an investment in a strong material, there are chances of chipping and cracking at the corners.

Overall, the style and finish that comes with a granite kitchen countertop can be well preserved for years by judicious homeowners through planned regular maintenance and in the end, benefits usually outweigh the costs.

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