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Bathroom vanity – in vogue

Bathroom is the centerpiece comprising of bathroom sink, cabinet, bathtub and the bench top in the bathroom. All these are very important to store toiletries and other items in the bathroom. It can be made from materials like wood, cement, stone, marble etc. It should be ensured that the materials used in the bathroom vanity should be water proof.

Selecting the best Bathroom Vanity

Size of the bathroom: Bathroom vanities come in different shapes and sizes Size of the bathroom should be considered while selecting the best vanity. Bathroom vanity should be in proportion to the size of the bathroom.


French, traditional, modern, country style are the different styles of vanity that are available. According to the home décor one should select the bathroom vanity.


Material of the bathroom vanity should be considered as different material vanities are available.

Storage capacity:

There are a number of things that needs to be stored in the bathroom vanity. One should make sure there is enough storage shelves and drawers to store toiletries. They should be easily accessible.


Types of bathroom Vanities

 Antique Bathroom Vanity
 Traditional bathroom vanity
 Contemporary bathroom vanity
 Modern bathroom vanity
 Floating bathroom vanity
 Wall mounted vanity
 Rustic bathroom vanity

Trendy Black Bathroom vanity

Black is a classic color. It symbolizes style, beauty and grace. Black is very much in demand and it gives an attractive look to the bathroom. Black bathroom vanities are made from black marble or black granite. They come in different shapes and sizes. Bathroom is a place to relax and spend some time for oneself. Therefore it should be made in such a way that it brings out energy and positivity. This stylish black bathroom vanity does exactly the same. The beauty of black attracts the individual and makes him happy. Black finish enables easy maintenance. The long term durability of the black bathroom vanity is one of the best features that nobody can resist.

Features of black bathroom vanity

1. It gives a beautiful look to the bathroom.
2. Easy to clean and maintain.
3. It is high in durability
4. It has high water and stain resistance
5. Available at reasonable prices with large varieties, shapes and sizes

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