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Bright and warm kitchen colour schemes

Most people start their day in the kitchen and having bright colors in the kitchen always make for a good start to the day. Some believe that having certain colors in the kitchen lead to appetite stimulation and other reduce one’s desire to eat. While this may or may not be true, ambience does add to the flavor of the food. So it is always a good idea to select bright and warm colors for the kitchen.
Red has been one of the most common colors used for kitchen. And with so many different shades available for this color, it is very easy to find a hue that you like. Red can be paired with many other colors such as white, black, gray and even green; but it works best with white.
And red is also believed to improve appetite, so that is an added bonus.


Gray is one the most sought after color for a kitchen. There are many bright shades available with this color and it can be matched with almost any other color. Light and dark gray contrasts and patterns look gorgeous in a kitchen.
Gray and white or gray and red can make a kitchen look stunning. And the best part is, they can be used with contemporary as well as classic kitchen designs.

Blue is also a very serene shade to use in a kitchen. It makes the room look fresh and young. And all shades of blue from sky blue to turquoise to deep blue to even a slight diversion to purple make a kitchen seem lively. And as blue is quite versatile when it comes to paring with other colors, this just might be the easiest color to choose. Whatever be the hues of the rest of the rooms in the house, blue is sure to work well with it.

Green is such an earthy and organic color; it seems perfect for the kitchen. Although the practice of hanging herbs and leaves in the kitchen to dry is not practiced very commonly today, such an act would look lovely with a green kitchen. Watching the herbs go from green to brown to a hoary gray against a lush green background would be so wonderful.
Color schemes for a kitchen have to take into consideration the fact that most people prepare as well as eat their meals in this room.

Having a fresh look to it paramount. It does matter if you use unconventional colors, they should make you feel rejuvenated.

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