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The diverse roles played by bathroom vanities

For those not quite sure what is meant by a bathroom vanity, it can be defined as the combination of the bathroom sink and the storage that surrounds it. The bench top could also be part of the vanity as it also falls in the ‘essential bathroom components’ category. In addition, bench tops are available in wood, stone, laminated, reconstituted stone, cement and many more. Bathroom vanities can really enhance your bathrooms appearance according to the style incorporated and also serves other purposes in the bathroom.

Pros brought by bathroom vanities

Stylish bathroom
In most bathrooms, the vanity unit is the core of the room and for that matter; bathroom vanities are available in many different styles, shapes and sizes. They can incorporate a wide area and include many things like; a sink and cabinet combined, towel racks, an optional bench top and plenty more. The vanity unit can also go all along the bathroom’s width but all in relation to the bathroom size. Sometimes, stylish accessories like large mirrors and hung vanities are fitted in to enhance the bathroom’s beauty. The vast designs, from contemporary to traditional, associated with vanities provide an array of ways to titivate your bathroom’s splendor.

Storage and convenience

Serving as their second purpose, storage of toiletries and other essential bathroom requirements is a big advantage by bathroom vanities. Not only this, the vanity is able to conceal the plumbing from within the cabinets providing a clear and simple look from the exterior. Aside from this, some vanity units are purposely designed long enough to cater for a large group of people’s stuff; say family members. Even better, for public places with a lot of incoming and outgoing traffic like bars and restaurants, the vanity unit can be set up with two sinks to accommodate for two people using the taps at the same time.

Conditional safety

Prior to their usage for storage, vanities mostly in homes are used to store razor blades, shavers and sometimes prescribed medicines. It is advised to have a lockable vanity to prevent children from accessing such dangerous materials to them. More often than not these measures help avoid unnecessary injuries sustained by children

Their moisture resistant and or waterproof nature also assists in sustaining their durability and functionality. Bathroom vanities are of great benefit to every bathroom and a stylish look wouldn’t hurt anyone.

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