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Choosing the bathroom vanity top material

Bathroom vanity countertops are less prone to beating and can be chosen on the basis of aesthetics and not durability. While considering the options for vanity tops, you can look for budget, style and maintenance requirements. Moreover, if you use an under mount sink in your bathroom, you should go for a waterproof surface. Some of the most popular vanity top materials include:

The most preferred material for bathroom vanity tops, laminate is available in a variety of patterns and colors and is easy to clean. It is quite durable but needs to be protected from fading, burning and peeling for a long lasting functionality.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are more affordable and conventional than manufactured slab or stone. Tile is available in a huge variety of patterns, textures and colors. For making it easy keeping the grout clean, you can go for large tiles with lesser grout, use dark colors or seal the grout for reducing the discoloration.

Solid Surfacing

This is a synthetic material which appears like natural stone and costs less. It features a nonporous surface to keep out the mildew and mold, making it easier to clean. This is perfect for people having allergies. Extremely durable, solid surfacing tops require little maintenance.

Quartz Surfacing

It is a manufactured composite that replicates the appearance of natural stone like marble or granite. It is scratch and stain resistant, easy to clean, durable and comes in various colors. Though it is expensive, you can get small countertop material at affordable prices.


Marble is the classic choice for any bathroom vanity top and considered the perfect option for luxury. Marble is quite porous and easily gets stained. You can buy marble tiles to save money with this expensive material for your bathroom vanity tops.


Granite is a beautiful, stain resistant and durable material for bathroom vanity tops. It is expensive but you can save your bucks by choosing remnant granite pieces.


Easy to keep clean, modern and elegant, glass is the perfect material for bathroom vanity tops, best suited for powder rooms. You should choose textured glass that hides fingerprints.

Stainless Steel

Ideal for most modern bathrooms, stainless steel vanity tops are reflective, stylish and sleek. They are spill proof, stain resistant, durable and easy to clean.
Choose the vanity top materials as per your preference and requirements to get the perfect look for your bathroom.

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