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Alno kitchens – affordable luxury kitchens

About Alno Kitchens

Founded in 1927 by Notdurft Albert, the small carpentry workshop in Wangen at Göppingen, laid the foundation for the famous ALNO Company. The successful development of business was as a result of good quality products. This later, together with enterprise, led to the expansion of industrial activity. In 1957, production was moved to Pfullendorf. Thus in 1958, the carpentry workshop of the firm gave rise to Alno Mobelwerke GmbH + Co. KG.

From Alno Mobelwerke GmbH + Co. KG to Alno AG

In order to ensure the independence of the company from the family of its founder, the company was transformed into a single firm in 1995. It became a joint stock company whose shares were sold on the stock exchanges in Frankfurt and Stuttgart in 2003. ALNO AG merged with Casawell Service Gruppe and started producing embedded and small kitchens, and kitchen appliances. With a turnover of 439,995,000 Euros for the 2003 financial year, ALNO AG became second largest manufacturer of kitchens in the world.

Alno Kitchens

Alno has a range of models well above average. The Alno range starts with the middle price segment and offers a variety of possibilities of selection and creation, with more than 30 designs in 9 kinds of different prices. You can also choose from 103 different colors. All are highly glossed products customized for different customer tastes.

The ALNO Kitchens Information Center in Pfullendorf – the largest center for the exhibition of kitchens in the region, has an area of ​​2500 sq.m. You will find there three separate ALNO Kitchens designed to suit each and every customer’s need from HOME, COUNTRY life to all sorts of LIFESTYLE.

Why choose Alno Kitchens

Alno Group is a brand that is committed to the manufacture of high quality kitchen furniture. Alno has over 80 years experience dedicated to building quality kitchens, using first class materials, craftsmanship and technical precision. Alno Kitchen systems enable you to organize your kitchen in a clear and comfortable way for everyday use. Furthermore, Alno also feature a host of variants for the interior.

Alno Kitchens

ALNO has eight European sales subsidiaries. In addition, ALNO has been cooperating for many years in all continents with reputable importers. This means that the ALNO Kitchens brand can be bought anywhere in the world.

ALNO has a range, far exceeding the average level of competition in its breadth and depth. Starting from the mid-price segment, ALNO Kitchens offers its products primarily to the higher and upper market segment. The Alno Kitchens have more than 30 different designs in 10 different price groups. There are also more than 99 possible colors with glossy lacquered



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