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Amazing kitchen – lets decorate our kitchen

Kitchen is an important place of the house. Most of the time women spend their time in kitchen. There are various ways to make changes in the kitchen and give it a better look.

Some ideas to change the look of the kitchen

• Give an eclectic look to the kitchen.
• Use open shelves for storage. They can be used for placing plates, kitchen appliances etc.

• Use different shades and styles. Use full cabinets from floors to ceiling. This will increase the storage capacity in the kitchen.

• Use the corners of the kitchen to the maximum. Kitchen counters, sink, bench etc can be placed in the corners.

• Decorate the kitchen with plants and other decorative items.
• Make proper use of the cabinets spaces. Open cabinet spaces can be used to place some kitchen decorative items to make the place lively.

• Black and white tiles or rugs on the floor can attract the light and make the kitchen bright. It will also make the kitchen look bigger.

Give amazing look to the kitchen with colors

 Use bold colors cabinets with a shiny finish. Red, blue, white etc are daring colors that gives a different look to the kitchen.

 The color of the wall paint and the flooring also makes a lot of difference in giving a modern look to the kitchen.

 The glass behind the gas stove can be of a vibrant color to create a majestic look for the kitchen.
 Add color to the kitchen by placing colorful cooking pots and pans. They look very stylish and classy.

Use of decorative kitchen items

Place attractive plates, bottles of wine and other glassware’s in the kitchen in an organized and stylish manner.
Colorful plants bring fresh air in the kitchen and also act as a decorative piece in the kitchen.
Keep a favorite family photograph or any other photograph in a lovely frame in the kitchen.
Hanging lights makes excellent decorative accessories for the kitchen. They give a modular look to the kitchen.
The wall of the kitchen can be used to hang decorative items or hangers to hang linens, kitchen napkins etc.

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