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Protect your kitchen wall by using backsplash

What is backsplash?

Backsplash is additional area added on the wall behind the working space of the kitchen which deal with loads of splashing and spilling. This portion is usually made of tiles. There are many variations now available which include stainless steel, Corian, granite etc. and they too serve as good options for the purpose. These extensions in these areas help in protecting the kitchen wall from dirt, oily stains, water marks etc. It is a very smart idea to incorporate these backsplash tiles at the time of building the home or during any renovation.

Different kinds of Backsplash

Incorporation of backsplash in the kitchen or the areas where you encounter higher splashing and spilling of liquids, oils etc. is a great way of protecting the walls along with decorating or improving the look. There are different kinds of backsplash materials available with varied designs, some of them are: Tiles or ceramic, MDF (Medium Density Fiber) glass, wood, glass, plastic, granite, stainless steel, stone etc. all of these are now available with designs and patterns to improve the look of your kitchen.


Benefits of Backsplash

There are various benefits of using backsplashes in the kitchen. Some of them include:


Usually the kitchen walls near cooking area, sink and storage areas get dirty and patchy due to the oil splattering while cooking, water and soap splashing, food curries spills etc. These walls bear the maximum spillage and are difficult to clean as such. Backsplashes provide protection to the walls and themselves are easy to clean. Just some cleaning soap and water can remove tough oil stains and food spillage stains from these backsplashes.

Improve the look:

With numerous designs and variety of backsplashes available today, it makes you improve the look of your kitchen by incorporating the trendy styled backsplashes. Coordinating and matching them with your kitchen d├ęcor accentuates the look of the kitchen.


Using backsplashes is very economical and saves money by avoiding frequent painting of the kitchen walls. The area can be confined to where you get splashes and only this can be covered with the backsplashes, this can prove economical and easy on your wallet.

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