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Renovation tips for your house

Redesigning to have a more attractive house is something that everyone craves. Add in a home theatre, maybe? Build your own mini library or maybe your own man cave filled with all your gaming rig. Home renovation is a messy affair to begin with, considering all the inconvenience with dust all over the place, the smells of paints and thinners and the workers lurking about your space but it often times ends up getting even worse if not planned right! These guidelines might save you the hassle of panicking after things have gone wrong and give you a better idea of the processes involved in renovation.

Know what you have and what you want:
It’s important to have an idea of the structure of the house. There are many reported cases where amateurs ended up damaging their houses and everyone would like to avoid this mishap. Expert opinion in these matter would easily be the best advisable solution.
You also need to have an idea of how much you want changed and its effect on the value of the house. The value of a house depends more or less on the value of the surroundings, hence having a overly sophisticated makeover is not always advisable.

Wiring and Plumbing:
The risk of an electric shock is not worth the money you are going to save by not hiring a electrician to do your bidding. A leaky plumbing is not as deadly but what good will a renovation do to you if the bright new paint gets washed away and the entire wall starts looking swampy. Sometimes they can’t be spotted till a major damage issue arises.

Always have an extra 30% buffer to what you are willing to invest in the renovation as things may sometimes go wrong or new things may come up as you walk through the process. Doing a good market research gives a better insight on the quality and price of different materials and also a better understanding of how many changes can be done without exceeding the budget.

The Department of Urban Planning has set some restrictions on the construction details and it is necessary to take the necessary permissions before going ahead with the job.

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