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Bathroom is a place to keep one hygienic. It contains a shower, a toilet and washbasin. In some cases they even have bath tubs. Bath rooms are for personal hygiene, and are used a space to relive and clean oneself. Bathrooms with toilets are widely used in US, in most of the other countries Toilets are generally separated from bathrooms. Bathrooms must have facility to provide both cold and hot waters for cleaning purposes. Bathroom is an important part of any home, without which any home is incomplete.

Bathroom Designs

Bathrooms come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the available space to build it, design preferences of the individuals, and type of equipment and faucets they use in the bathroom. All the time water is used at bathroom, the design must accommodate for good ventilation or drying facility to keep the bathroom dry and clean. The fittings like toilet seat, washbasin, bathtub and shower needs to be made of water resistant materials for longer life. Generally the preferred materials for these are either ceramic or plastic. This enables easy cleaning and drying. Bathroom needs sufficient storage space to keep consumable and other materials used in the bath.

Bathroom Safety

Bathrooms should have adequate safety put in place, in terms of electrical fittings and ventilation. Since there is possibility of short circuits all the electrical fittings should be permanently fixed and well insulated to avoid any shock. Even the floors need to have proper matting to prevent any slippery and allowing a person to stand comfortably.

Decorating Bathroom

Even though bathrooms are used for little time, it doesn’t mean it cannot be decorated. Today various designer faucets and fittings are available for bathrooms. Today variety of tiles and mosaics are available for walls and flooring, with different color options, bathroom can be decorated using soothing color tiles or mosaics to meet your tastes and preferences. Wall cabinets can provide ample space to keep necessary items also can enhance the look of the bathroom. Also various types of bathroom organizers are available to keep brushes, toothpaste, combs and other personal beauty products.

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