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Things to consider before installing a carpet in your washroom

It isn’t really a common practice to have carpets inside a washroom. This is simple due to the fact that wet cloth tends to start stinking. Washrooms generally get wet as we use them, no matter how careful you are and hence it is a commonly tiled rather than carpeted. But there are certain advantages to carpeting the washroom. Here are a few things that should be kept in mind before deciding to install carpets


Organic materials tend to start smelling on prolonged exposure to moisture. Hence having a synthetic material like olefin material would be helpful in solving this problem. Washable carpets or carpets with waterproof backing would be advisable over woolen ones. Having Tiles and concrete subflooring would prevent further seepage of water.


Tiles might be a little slippery even when dry but this is not the case with carpets. So having a carpet layer in the washroom makes it a little safer and prevents slipping. But any wet surface can slip so a puddled up carpet is definitely not going to protect you from anything. It is recommended to keep the carpet as dry as possible in order to prevent the molding of the carpet and puddles should be avoided. Using a shower mat would help in decreasing the amount of moisture entering the carpet layer? Thinner carpets are preferable as they absorb less moisture.


Look and feel:

The cold feet which a tiled washroom would give you on a cold winter’s morning isn’t something for everyone. Having a carpet in the washroom would eliminate that possibility. The carpet also helps in augmenting the aesthetics of the washroom, and helps in setting the mood of the place. As washrooms are the places of peace and relaxation, a carpet would make it even more comfortable by keeping your feet warm even on a cold morning.


The biggest disadvantage of having a carpet in a place like a washroom is that the moisture tends to promote fungal development on the carpet and lead to formation of molds. Tiles have a great advantage as they do not give off a foul smell even when wet and can be cleaned easily. Using a wet-vat can be effective but keeping the carpet completely dry would a very difficult task. The washing of a carpet is a bigger task than mopping up a tiled floor. This is one thing that must be considered before going ahead with the carpeting process.


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