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Why have a cupboard in the washroom?

Imagine carrying your toothbrush and toothpaste from your room to your washroom every day. Or, remembering to take a towel with you every time you want to take a bath. Well these tasks are not really challenging but are kind of a bore. Also, imagine the embarrassment of not having a towel after taking a bath and asking someone for it. This kind of thing is not really my cup of tea. Having a cupboard in the washroom helps in solving these issues.


If your bathroom is a little bigger than the average size, then you can have a few cupboards installed wherever you would like. Maybe allot a whole wall to just the cupboards. But in a normal sized washroom, it is important to decide where you want the cupboards to be. Having a wooden cupboard under the sink may look like a good idea but would make the plumbing tasks difficult when there are problems with the sink. Also any water leaks would destroy the wood in a matter of months. Having a shelf with mirror to store the toothbrushes, toothpastes, etc. hung over the vanity is a common practice and also a quite useful one. A shelf above the door to place all the towels and extra Loo-rolls is another smart way to utilize the space inside the washroom. This is an area where you can put your imagination to work and find the perfect spots to build the cupboards.


Plastic shelving or Plywood cupboards would be best suitable for a place like washrooms where the humidity is high and there is water everywhere. MDF (medium density fiberboard) is not as resistant as plywood in these places. Solid wood can also be used for this purpose.


So far we have only talked about the utility that these cupboards provide us with. But a well finished vanity can be polished to give your washroom a medieval look, or sheets of declaim can be glued on and give it a more shiny metallic effect as per the design of the rest of the washroom. At the end of the day, the washroom is a place for relaxation and probably the only place in the where you get uninterrupted time to spend on yourself. Making it look good would only make it easier to set the room up for the desired mood.

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