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Design your bathroom your way

Our World has taken a step ahead and we are in that stage where everything can be virtual. With the advancement in technology, new software’s and tools have been developed to design your house, office etc. Now you can design your bathroom too. There are a number of tools available to design your own bathroom. You can make the best use of your bathroom space by designing in the way to want.

Type of bathroom Designer

 2D bathroom designer
 3D bathroom designer
 Bathroom designer software

Bathroom Designer - 1

Features of bathroom Designer

2D bathroom designer:

You can design your own bathroom using 2D bathroom designer tools. With the 2D designer tools one can design important details of the bathroom. You can use virtual programs to place the bathroom vanity including cabinet, sink, bathtub etc. in the bathroom space as per your choice. You can create different variations using mix and match technique. You can try different finishes, colors, sizes, materials etc. and view your imaginary bathroom in reality.

3D bathroom designer:

3D bathroom designer are the latest in designing technology. You can download these tools on your smart phones or laptops and design your own bathroom anywhere anytime. Using the 3D technology one can position different components and vanity set in the bathroom to create the prefect look and design of your choice.


Bathroom designer Software:

There are free software’s available to design your bathroom that can be downloaded on your mobile. You just need to select the templates that are readily available in the software. Then you can customize your plan by placing the bathroom vanity in the template. Within few minutes the entire virtual bathroom design will be ready.

Steps to use the bathroom designer tool:

1. First one needs to draw the shape of the bathroom
2. Add bathroom elements
3. Select the components like bathtub, sink, toilet, cabinet etc.
4. Wait a few minutes and see your virtual bathroom the way you planned.

It is a very simple and easy to use tool that can be used to design your imaginary bathroom. You don’t need the services of a professional designer to design your bathroom. Use these tools for free and do it yourself to get the most satisfactory results.

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