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Principles of perfect bathroom design


The bathroom is not just another room in the house but it is a place where you can have all the time to yourself without being disturbed. The bathroom therefore requires full attention when you are designing it because all the little details will always matter.

Positive bathroom principles

Before you make a layout of your bathroom you should be in a position to acknowledge a few facts:

The location of the bathroom has to located at the correct spot; where you can easily access the bedroom
It must have sufficient space to carry out all the necessary activities that are usually carried out in the bathroom.
The lighting system should be perfect and if possible be in a position where natural light can illuminate during the day.

When you are sure that your bathroom will meet all the above facts, you can then proceed to the next stage:

Considerations for your bathroom layout

When designing the layout of the bathroom, there are also other factors that you have to consider in order to come up with the most perfect bathroom.

Will it be a perfect idea to have the bathroom and the toilet in the same room? If yes, then you have to divide the space into two zones, the wet zone where will be used as the bath area and the dry zone that will be strictly for the toilet.

The impact that your bathroom will have if you decide to alter its original look, you can either raise up the bath area a little bit or opt to sink it into the floor

You can go for the separation technique where you divide the wall in the bathroom to serve different purposes. You can have walls for shower, wall where you can fix the wall mirror, wall where you can add a close and other a wall that is strictly for the lighting system.

If you are into the glass shower cubicles, you have to make sure that the door is some distance away from it

You also have to put in mind what you are likely to do if you are to incorporate the plant system into your bathroom layout.

When the layout is intact the last thing is to come to the final decisions of the incorporation process and then turn your dream bathroom into a reality.


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