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Bathroom organizers

Bathroom organizers are accessories used in bathroom to store and organize various toiletries, towels and other materials used in the bathroom including cleaning and medical consumables. The organizers can be as simple as wall mounted toothbrush holders to wall mounted cabinets and hangers to hold towels and bathrobes.

Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom organizers come in variety of format and designs, and materials suitable to hold various materials, components and clothing in bathroom.

Towel Racks:

These are useful to hold towels and other clothes. They can be simple single rack of steel or other materials, or with multiple racks of varying height to hold more than one cloth.

Wall & Under Washbasin Cabinets:

Wall cabinets are useful to keep and organize toiletries, towels, cosmetics and medicines safely. This also ensures that cleaning chemicals and other medicines are not easily accessible to kids, which may cause injury to them. They come with different water resistant materials, designs and sizes.

Drawer Organizers:

These are made of plastic, wood or acrylic used to store various materials used in the bathroom. They come in various sizes and are designed based on the use it has, comes with different bins to separate the items for storage.

Counter Tops:

Counter tops are small accessories which are kept on cabinet tops, or on sinks or shelves in the bathroom. Counter top includes soap dispensers, brush holders, soap dishes, tissue holders and mirrors, etc.

Cosmetic Organizers & Trays:

There are lot of trays and cosmetic trays available in the market, specifically targeted towards makeup enthusiasts. They come in different configuration, from simple tray systems to full blown organizers with many bins and containers to hold different makeup materials.

Trash Cans:

Trash cans is an important part of the bathroom, they are needed to dispose of the toilet papers and other waste generated in the bathroom. There are plenty of designs and shapes available to go with the color and design of the bathrooms. They come in both metal and made of heavy duty plastics.

Shower Caddies:

These are trays attached to the shower, having wired trays or regular trays attached to them. These have sufficient space to hold lotions, shampoo bottles, and other toiletries including tooth brushes, paste and towels. Even they come with small mirrors attached to it.


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