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Panels for bathrooms

Bathroom panels are generally an alternative to the tiles. They can make a shower enclosure or a beautiful bathroom last for years. They are specially designed for the wet areas. They are water proof.

The best thing about the bathroom panels is that they can be fitted over the existing surfaces too, like tiles and can change your shower enclosure or bathroom instantly.

Shower Panels

Shower panels are the perfect fits for all kinds of bathrooms. They are designed to make a logical water-tight finish which wipe clean and accomplishes all the needs of tiles with many extra aids and perks. They come in so many versatile designs that they can almost fit into any space and gives you the freedom to design and create your optimal and ideal bathroom.

No requirement for grouting

This is great for various reasons.
• It makes the panels easy to fit and quick.
• It gives the contemporary seamless finish.
• No more funky or putrid walls.

Great savings!

On an average, paneling is about 25 percent cheaper than the installation of tiles. Many panels do not even need specialist tradesman for installation. Hence, it saves on your money and time.


These days, many laminated panels for the bathrooms also come with an anti-bacterial coating.

For making the bathroom panels, generally a 8 feet by 4 feet WBP plywood core panels are secured with the decorative laminates, giving a surface that is waterproof, easy to clean and hygienic. They come in various ranges from sparkles, traditional stones and marbles to fascinating and astonishing modern designs in textured and gloss finishes.

Bathroom panels are:

• Easy to install
• Water proof and durable
• Can be cut in any size.

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