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Smart ideas for bathroom remodels

The same old look of your bathroom interior can be rather sickening and weary; you thus may be soliciting ideas for a new fresh look and feel for bathroom. A neat and tidy guise of your bathroom is undeniably important and can be good for your peace of mind. Discovering ideas for bathroom remodeling can be quite a taxing task though in the absence of proper planning. Considering some ideas for a perfect remodeling can be a good start then going over these and putting in place an execution plan.

Attractive surfaces

Choice surfaces largely contribute to the total decorum of the bathroom; therefore the use of highly resistant yet attractive materials should be key. Porcelain has come to be preferred though it risks cracking and chipping. Some affordable ($5) pieces resembling natural stone are available; these look attractive on walls especially when used in large 18 x 18 inch parts cutting down the space of the tile grout.

Enamel on steel is a good alternative as it is resistant to staining and is quite long lasting a material. On the other hand solid surface sinks provide an option of conjoining to various vanity countertops or backsplashes.

Counter tops

Bathroom countertops can be overlaid with lovely granite or quartz stones which have a proven durability and excellent visual appeal. Ideal substitute materials for countertops are the laminates and the solid surfaces; these though prone to scratching are quite cost effective.

Shower stall

Bathrooms have trended toward showering in the recent times and thus no need to be enslaved the tub error. Instead enhance the shower experience by putting in place a more spacious stall preferably 4 x 6 feet or even larger depending on the bathroom space. A larger L-shaped stall design is excellent for a modern bathroom remodel. This is a plausible option if there’s an alternative bathroom with a bathtub in it.

Other considerations

Other factors to take into account are the water supply efficiency, adequate ventilation and lighting to promote naturalness in the bathroom and minimize humidity. This endeavor should be best done by expert contractors who will be able to carry out a thorough examination of any hidden defects in the bathroom such as malfunction vents.

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